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Roth IRA Conversion

Nice little piece from Morningstar on this subject.

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The Estate Tax Exemption Is Portable (For Now)

Introduction Recent legislation introduced a new, but perhaps temporary, estate planning concept–exemption “portability.” In short, the estate of a deceased spouse can transfer to the surviving spouse any portion of the federal estate tax exemption that it does not use. The surviving spouse’s estate can then add that amount to the exemption it is entitled to, increasing the total amount that can be passed on to heirs tax free. This new feature makes it easier for married couples to minimize the potential impact of estate taxes. The estate tax exemption The federal government imposes a tax on the value of … Read more

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Facebook vs. Everyone

As Facebook’s valuation continues to grow, the primary question dogging the media is whether the company justifies its currently $70 billion or so valuation. Part of the reason we think it does is because we expect it will steal a great deal of business from other firms that have been slow to innovate and may have lost their opportunity. Namely, Yahoo and Google.

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