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Dealing with Catastrophic Property Loss

What is it? Introduction Hurricane Sandy reminds us that there are inherent disaster risks, even for those living in a city or highly urbanized area. Although disasters usually strike without warning, there are measures you can take both before and after they strike to protect your property and your finances. What disasters are likely to strike your community? While hurricanes may be on our mind, the majority of catastrophes are fires. Residential fires occur frequently in the United States. Although your risk of experiencing a natural disaster depends on where you live, every state has experienced some type of natural … Read more

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House Passes Expanded Health Care through Higher Taxes

The House of Representatives has new passed legislation that could result in insurance being extended to the vast majority of citizens and legal residents. Parallel legislation has emerged in the Senate from Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. The Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday calculated the cost of the House’s plan to expand insurance coverage at $1.04 trillion over 10 years, and predicted the measure would eventually lead 97% of legal American residents to have insurance. It would provide families earning up to $88,000 a year with subsidies to help them buy coverage. And it would expand health-insurance coverage through … Read more

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Extra! Extra! Stress Test Results Revealed!

Federal regulators have now released their “stress test” evaluations of America’s 19 largest banks. How many of the 19 thrifts are adequately capitalized? Which banks will be directed to boost their capital, and where might that capital come from?  Information has been leaking for weeks and the Administration explicitly mentioned Citi (C)and Bank of America (BAC) and needing more capital. But, now we have the official report and the Federal Reserve’s opinion. Nine banks won’t be required to raise more capital. The banks in the best shape: American Express (AXP), BB&T (BBT), Bank of New York Mellon (BK), Capital One … Read more

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