Our Services - Private Wealth Management

The Power of a Holistic Approach
Our comprehensive approach is designed to maintain a strategy that achieves your near- and long-term goals, whether you are seeking fundamental investment management, need to organize your family’s affairs, are providing care for an aging family member, or are looking to establish a philanthropic legacy that makes a difference in your community.

When crafting an integrated wealth management plan, we offer expertise in:

Our Wealth Management System (2 mins)

Portfolio Management
We design and implement investment portfolios which are consistent with each client’s investment goals, objectives and risk/reward preferences. A long-term investment strategy is combined with our analysis of current financial market and global economic conditions. The result is an allocation of the client’s portfolio across appropriate asset classes.

Private Banking
Bradley & Company has established several direct banking relationships with leading financial institutions. This specialized service enables us to work as a liaison between clients and private banks to satisfy checking, business, high yield savings and certificate deposit accounts when appropriate for clients to fulfill their personal and business needs.

Insurance & Risk Planning
We believe that it is important for you to be prepared for the unknown. By using a thorough and disciplined approach to determine clients’ risk profiles, we can help select the choices that best suit their needs to ensure financial and personal security. We work with insurance specialists and providers to assist in minimizing risk and protecting assets through the appropriate insurance products.

Executive Compensation
Wealth management is as much about what you earn as what you save. In addition to helping you manage stock options or restricted equity, we can help you understand how to best make use of your compensation and even assess potential employers. For startup executives approaching an acquisition or an IPO, we can make use of strategies and trust vehicles designed to maximize your after-tax outcome. For leaders in established firms, we can help maximize benefits and optimize option exercise strategies while making sure compensation remains competitive. For firms that allow hedging of the economic risk of stock, we can assess exchange and over-the-counter options strategies through special relationships we’ve established at several leading brokerages.

Tax Advisor Coordination
Taxes have a tremendous impact on an individual’s overall finances and are an important part of wealth management. While we do not provide tax advice, we have built a network of tax accountants who take a comprehensive and proactive view. We seek to establish a collaborative relationship with our clients’ tax advisors, leveraging technology that allows us to continuously share and communicate.

Account Aggregation
Bradley & Company clients benefit from technology that allows them to view all of their accounts in one place, get performance and gain/loss data across their holdings and truly analyze their complete financial picture in real time. We can manage all types of assets, holding accounts across different custodians while presenting the information in one clear, concise view and allow clients to see, for the first time, everything in one place.

Estate & Charitable Planning
Bradley & Company recognizes that estate planning, while it is one of the most important aspect of wealth planning, can be a very simple situation for clients, and for others can be quite complex. Our focus is on collaborating with a network of estate planning attorneys and assisting clients with developing and executing an estate plan that satisfies their personal/family planning and charitable gifting goals.