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Our Values

We combine a distinctive wealth management philosophy with a loyal dedication to the success of our clients.

At Bradley & Company,

We’re guided by a core set of principles:

Our approach is planning-driven.

We believe that the best way to determine the appropriate investment portfolio for a client is through an analysis of their unique needs.

We invest our clients' money as if it were our own.

We place our clients' financial interests above our own and only make recommendations based on our assessments of your best interest. 

We are disciplined in our approach.

While each portfolio is different, we draw upon rigorous and tested methods to design portfolios and implement a client's asset allocation.

We are independent thinkers. 

A sure recipe for poor returns is to follow investment fads and trends. We try to avoid mainstream thinking and always question conventional wisdom. We don't recommend a strategy just because it's good marketing. We do not believe in modern portfolio theory (MPT) or technical analysis.

Maintaining close communication with you is essential. 

Properly managing private wealth requires an ongoing dialogue. Leveraging technology is a source of our pride, but nothing beats old fashioned in-person meetings and telephone calls.

We only invest for the long term.

Our goal is to achieve the best returns by focusing our attention on long-term trends, rather than being distracted by the short-term fluctuations of the market.

Your portfolio will be managed separately.

Because every client's cash flow and tax situation is unique, every portfolio must be unique. Rigid application of models can seriously diminish portfolio returns, while customization can enhance them.

Quality and value guide our investment decisions. 

Brand names matter. Cash flow and earnings ratios really do determine the attractiveness of stocks and bonds. Broad diversification only makes sense if you can make an attractive return off the various components of the portfolio. 

We seek to control costs and reduce taxes.

An inefficient approach to either can have a substantially negative impact on your returns and our performance.

Our clients know that partnering with us means they have a team in their corner. 

We’re here to answer your every financial question, discuss your pressing thoughts, and guide you through each next step on your journey. 

Sound Like the Kind of Partnership You’re Looking for?

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