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Executive Services

We help corporate executives and control persons take full advantage of their compensation and evolving circumstances.

Optimizing your opportunities. 

Our goal is to secure your current and future wellbeing through total net-worth strategies that successfully integrate your personal and professional ambitions. This involves risk management, best practice investment strategies, and coordination with your tax and legal advisors. By leveraging the open architecture and flexibility of our firm, Bradley & Company develops solutions that are tailored to you.

Areas we address for executives, insiders, affiliate and control persons:

Rule 144 / 10B5-1 Trading Plans

We have experience in restricted securities executing trading plans. We'll help you select a brokerage and develop a full plan to diversify in a way that aligns the realities of the marketplace with your personal financial plan.

Hedging and Monetization

For persons that can avail themselves of these powerful tools, we will develop strategies by accessing the full resources of Wall Street. We have extensive experience with various options and synthetic strategies and can compare different firms' proposals—assessing the correct avenue for your needs.

Pre-IPO Planning

For those preparing for a liquidity event, we can help you construct a plan that maximizes on valuation opportunities and is compliant with IRS regulations.

Stock Option and Restricted Stock

Our team will work with you to help manage your stock options through a tax-aware perspective. We will regularly review and adjust as necessary. 

Personal Financial Advisory

Through our wealth advisory services, we bring a consultative approach to help coordinate your entire financial landscape. We assist our executive clients in every aspect of their wealth, including cash flow, tax optimization, investment management, insurance planning and estate planning. 

Private Banking Solutions

Our firm works to identify the ideal institutions to meet your tailored lending and transactional banking needs. Given our open access to all banks, Bradley & Company is able to seek out the right fit for our clients to adequately protect and grow their wealth. 

Executives are in a unique position. 

Managing the complexity of your situation as an insider requires detailed comparing and analysis, coupled with an in-depth understanding of your goals. Through our thorough process, Bradley & Company first gets to know about you, your family and your lifelong goals—then builds and implements a strategy to unlock the potential in your situation. 

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